Media Concept

As individuals, since 1998 we have activated in the field of advertising production, and it enabled us to have a rich experience in this field. Thus we have been obliged to be demanding with ourselves, because there is not much the second chance on a such dynamic and competition market.

MediaConcept is a project begun in 2005 from the wish to express as clear as possible our point of view in the field of advertising, and probably, …because we don't like to get home at 5 o'clock p.m. …it is well known, when he has nothing to do, a Romanian starts working at something… :-))

After more than one year, we do not regret our choice in any moment (however, we do not guarantee that our wives have the same opinion…)

Our products are addressed both to advertising agencies and to companies from advertising industry and final clients.

-We provide to our clients the necessary information to make products using the most appropriate method, since these products recommend us

- We always respect the orders and dead-lines

- Confidentiality for the information given by the clients is a rule

- Products' quality is guaranteed according to the guarantee offered by the producer, through quality certificates that accompany the products

- We try to make our clients loyal using a system of price reductions depending on the purchased quantities.