3D signs
They are made of extruded polystirene foam, cut up with CNC, and dyed with exterior resistant ink.
The price of these products is very convenient compared to the classical PVC variant.
Applications: volumetric signs, logos, signaling.

They come under different shapes and wood shades, personalized with laser engraved ABS booklets (goden, silvery, etc).
At request, they can be delivered in plush boxes of high quality, in different shades.

They are ideal objects for awarding ceremonies, official visits.

A mobile display system commonly seen at firms’ stalls, fairs and exhibitions. It has the advantage of folding by rolling of the print inside the display device, thus making the transportation very accesible. They can be delivered with or without prints.

Indoor panels
They are made of imprinted stickers in polychromy on rigid PVC support or of imprinted polyplan in polychromy (in this case we recommend aluminium aesthetic profiles for attachment at the top and the bottom).

Large format print

They can be done with solvent ink on blueback, sticker, polyplan, mesh, with widths of 1.3 m si 3.2 m and indoor and outdoor resolutions.

Applications: street panels, luminous signs, decorating buses, decorating shop windows, prints for exposition systems.

Luminous firm

They are made of polyplan printed in polychromy stretched on a metalic structure illuminated with neon in the interior. Different forms are available, at the clients’ request – straight or curved.en desc

Outdoor panels

They are made of polyplan stretched on metalic structure or stickers on rigid PVC support.

Applications: signs, panels and signaling, A-type stalls.

Products made in polychromy through thermotransfer on laminated satin (which gives them resistance at bending, water and sun). They can be delivered with a wooden lacquered support. Regular dimensions: 8 x 10 cm, 14 x 20 cm, 18 x 25 cm, 20 x 30 cm (except for the 8 x 10 cm dimension, the pennants have wands and wooden bubbles in their lids.)

Pin badge
They are made of ABS/metalex engraved and cut up in the shape of its log or as resin sticker, assembled on a butterfly type support for fixing on shirts.

Extremely dynamic and aesthetic objects, made by engraving-cutting up of the plexyglass and neon edge illumination.
Possibilit to change colour and dynamics of illumination is limited only by the client’s imagination.

Resin labels - doming
They are made by solvent printing and cutting up following the outline and afterwards the flexible polyuretanic resin is added in order to obtain the lens effect.  These are products with great impact through their aesthetics and novelty.

Street panels
They are made of blueback paper printed on Roland printer 1.3 m at a 1400 dpi resolution or printed on Digirex 3.2 m at a 400 dpi resolution.
The assembly can be done by us  (and in this case we guarantee the quality of the sticking) or by the client (we guarantee for the print, but the sticking of the panels must be guaranteed by those that do the assembly).

The durability guaranteed under normal circumstances of temperature and exposition is of 3 years (bleaching and water resistance).


Trinkets are the most frequent advertising products, besides pens and lighters. Trinkets' advantage consists in their very elegant aspect (in a black box with a plush lining) and possibilities to personalize them with resin labels, that confer an esthetical advantage. We could also personalize them using serigraphy, laser engraving on ABS material. For premium products, trinkets are delivered in small aluminium round boxes with plush lining. These products are imported from EU, the delivery deadline being 10 working days, generally (in case when they are not in stock, in the country)