3D signs
They are made of extruded polystirene foam, cut up with CNC, and dyed with exterior resistant ink.
The price of these products is very convenient compared to the classical PVC variant.
Applications: volumetric signs, logos, signaling.

Large format print
Depending on the equipment, solvent ink prints and sublimation ink prints can be done.
The first solvent is classified depending on the resolution in indoor print (1400 dpi resolution, 1.3 m width) and outdoor print (400 dpi resolution, 3.2 m width).

The main applicationsof this type of solvent prints are: banners, interior and exterior panels, marquee, mesh, decorating buses, decorating shop windows, exhibitions (prints for furniture exhibition systems), personalized T-shirts with Siser-type materials.

In the case of sublimation ink print, the products are: flags, pennants, T-shirts (only made of polyester), textile banners.

Laser engraving
The engraving of materials like ABS/metalex, wood, glass, leather, plexyglass can be done. 
Among the applications there are: industrial plates, board panels, trinkets, badges, plaques, prolights.

Resin labels
They appeared in the USA in the 80’s and they are relatively new on the Romanian market, which makes them be “fashionable”. It can be said that the appearance of high-resolution printers with cutting up on the outline gave a new impulse to the resin labels that were done only by serigraphy before.

At present, they can be done in any way, by printing in polychromy or serigraphy, with flexible resin that is guaranteed between 3 to 5 years.

Prices differ related to quantity, so that volumetric labels, besides their elegant aspect, become very competitive as far as price is concerned for quatities starting with 200-300 pieces.

The applications of these products are diverse: industrial (labels on fridges, washing machines), car industry, auto-moto personalization, promotional objects personalizations, the personalization of a firm’s products.

By serigraphy one can imprint and personalize almost any type of support: textiles, leather, wood, plexyglass, ceramics, stickers.
Thus, the range of objects that can be made is very broad: T-shirts, umbrellas, flags, promotional objects, sticking labels, etc.  
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